• Vibrational Sound Therapy (1 on 1). Fully-customizable, personal, and designed for the individual. 60+ minutes of Sound immersion allows the body to enter a “yogic trance” where deep healing and regeneration occur. Dive into the mystery of the subconscious mind with a unique SoundScape experience. $40.
  • Herbal Remedy Sound Therapy. Using local, wild-crafted herbal remedies, the sound vibrations are infused with the medicine of the Earth. Achieve ultimate results for your ailment. $45.
  • Outdoor Sound Therapy. We will walk into nature and bathe in Mother Earth as well as Himalayan Singing Bowls. This service requires clients to help carry blankets/pillows to the site of choice. Minimal hiking required. Add birds, bees, wind and sunshine for the full spectrum SoundScape mixture. $50.
  • Small Group Sound Therapy. Share the experience with those you love. Small groups of 2 or 3 people (due to limited space.) Sonic resonance from sacred instruments envelop every fiber of the Being, leaving each person feeling rejuvenated, enlivened and at peace. $25 per person.

Sound Healing Sessions are one full hour of sound, with about 15 minutes of talking before/after. Please allow a 2-hour window for your full relaxation experience. All offerings are on a “sliding scale” basis for folks on limited income. 

  • Holy Fire Reiki. This Japanese technique channels universal life energy to promote healing and relaxation while reducing stress. Reiki energy is guided by spiritual consciousness; it is benevolent and balancing. $40 for 30 minutes. $60 for 60 minutes. $75 for 90 minutes.
  • Lotus Blossom Healing. Unlock the magnificence of Mind, Body and Spirit with a 90-minute immersion of Sound Therapy and Reiki combined. This session includes a “sound massage” and guided meditation experience. $75.
  • Lily-pad Healing. A 60-minute version of the Lotus Blossom Healing. $55.
  • Yoga Therapy Session. Together we will determine a path that best suits your body’s needs. Every body is unique, and I cater to the individual. $30 for an hour.

ONLINE APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING NOW AVAILABLE. 48 HOURS NOTICE REQUIRED. (All five appointment times available Monday through Friday. Some exceptions may occur for special events.) : : :

  • M-F : 10:00am
  • M-F : 12:00noon
  • M-F : 2:00pm
  • M-F : 4:30pm
  • M-F : 6:00pm

Please use the contact form below to request an Appointment. (minimum 48 hours advance notice) Thank you.

I will always respond as quickly as possible. Please let me know if you need Reduced-rate pricing, or can offer a Skill-trade! 🙏🌹